Mark’s Boats Add-On 1.19+ [Compatible with any Addon]

This addon adds boat(s)/ships(s) entity to the game which has a bunch of features such as acceleration system, animations, sailcloth color variant, functional lanterns, etc. and I will add more in the future. This addon is made for the games version MCBE 1.19+ (Mobile & Window 10 Edition).

Models are made out of minecraft blocks (except for other parts for obvious reasons) which for me really blends with the game’s visual. This addon is my personal concept and is not related, based or inspired by other addons which has the same concept. This is the only time I have, doing it and I have this idea about 2 years ago.


Boat/Ship 1

How to obtain Boat 1?


Creative mode

-Spawn Boat 1 using its spawn egg in your inventory under the nature tab.


-You can also summon Boat 1 using the command “/summon mark:boat1“.


Survival mode

Generate “Boat Shop” and trade your emeralds to the “Pirate” in exchange to Boat 1.


Craft the “Boat Shop’s” Structure using an Emerald Block, 4 Spruce Fence, 3 Spruce Trapdoor and a Spruce Plank.


Place the structure 6 blocks away from your position to generate the structure properly



Move towards the Pirate and Trade your emeralds for Boat 1



Boat 1 cost 30 emeralds



  • It has a total of 100 health and has 16 inventory slots when equipped with chest



  • It has 3 seat, 1 seat for the driver and 2 seats for the passengers(other players or animals).
  • It has acceleration system and you can change its speed by hitting and interacting with the boat


To accelerate interact with the boat by right clicking(pc) or long press (mobile) while you’re in the boat

To decelerate, just hit the boat, it has a max speed of 8kt/h.


  • Bumping other entities using the boat will harm them and the damage depends on its speed.

-2kt/h = 1damage.

-5kt/h = 3damage.

-8kt/h = 10damage.



  • Boat 1 has several animations


Sailcloth is affect by wind when sailing and the boat tilt sideways when you turn


It will tilt a bit on its side when you hit it



  • You can change the Sailcloth’s color by hitting it when you ride the boat and is at initial speed of 2 kt/h


  • Cart 1 can be healed with a Wooden hammer(30hp) which can be trade from the Pirate in the Shop, it cost 5 emeralds.


  • It has functional lantern, you can turn on and off it by sneaking and interacting with it, right click on pc and long press on mobile.


  • It can break bamboo, bamboo_sapling, carved_pumpkin, chorus_flower, chorus_plant, leaves, leaves2, lit_pumpkin, melon_block, “pumpkin, sweet_berry_bush and waterlily”


  • It has hurt sound and death sound.


Summary of Features:

  • 100 hp
  • 3 seat
  • 16 slot inventory when equipped with chest
  • acceleration system
  • block boat model
  • custom spawn egg
  • custom structure
  • bump damage
  • custom animations
  • 16 Sailcloth color variants
  • healable
  • functional lantern
  • breaks few blocks
  • custom sounds

Boat/Ship 2

It has the same features as boat 1 excluding:

  • It has 2 seat, 1 seat for the driver and 1 seat for the passenger(other player).
  • cost 25 emeralds



Boat/Ship 3 (New)

It has the same features as boat 1 excluding:

  • It has only 1 seat.
  • cost 5 emeralds



Boat/Ship 4 (New)

It has the same features as boat 1 excluding:

  • It has only 1 seat.
  • cost 5 emeralds

I added the feature to remove and replace the NPCs

  • Sneak and hit the NPC, and it will drop its spawn egg.


Make a video about this but please just put the link of this page.


New link will took you less than a minute to the file. 


Please do not skip the ads and do not share the media fire link :<.

creator: MARK

  • added new Boat 3
  • added new Boat 4
  • fixed and removed steve’s skin that replaced the zombie and husk default skin in the previous version of the addon


1. After downloading, go and individually click the behavior and resource “.mcpack” file opening the game.

2. Once successfully imported, create your new world and activate both the resource and behavior pack. 

3. And also, don’t forget to enable all “experimental options“.


By aadhu

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