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Bedrock MCBE TPA Addon (By AceKnight)

MCBE TPA Addon (By AceKnight)

This Add-on adds TPA commands to your realm and worlds. What is tpa? Tpa or (Teleport Request) is a command originally on servers, to give players the ability to teleport to others without op, so operator permissions. By sending tpa request to players, and if a player accepts a tpa request the sender of that tpa request gets teleported to accepters location. And I’ve remade it using the GameTest Framework, for 1.18.0-1.18.2.You can make suggestions or report bug on my discord server: Click to join! 



!tpahelp | !tpah | Used to get all available commands or information about a specific command.

!tpasend | Aliases: !tpas | Sends tpa request to the specified player you want to teleport to. 

!tpaaccept | Aliases: !tpac | Used to accept an incoming tpa request.

!tpadecline | Aliases: !tpadeny | Used to decline incoming tpa requests.


Config File:

Note: The config file is meant of people who want to heavily customize the add-on.

You can find the config.js file inside of the scripts folder.

File Contents:

You can change the commandPrefix, tpa request experation time and more in this file.



Step 1: Download the .mcpack and wait it to download.

Step 2: After it’s done downloading double click it, and it should open minecraft if you have it installed. Wait for it to import.

Step 3: After it’s done importing select a world select TPA Add-on in behavior packs.

Step 4: Add it to the world, after you’ve added the behavior pack to the world, enable inside of the game options under experimental features: GameTest Framework.

Step 5: After you’ve enabled it, load the world.

creator: AceKnight


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