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Bedrock McDonalds Add-on V1

McDonalds Add-on V1

Would you like some fast food items in Minecraft? Would you want McDonalds in Minecraft? Well then here is the add-on for you! The McDonalds add-on adds plenty food items and 2 new unique entities and some new blocks. This add-on will allow you to eat food in style and give you some decretive blocks for your Minecraft world.




Nutrition: 6

Eating Speed: 30

Big Mac

Nutrition: 6.3

Eating Speed: 35

Chicken Nuggets

Nutrition: 6.2

Eating Speed: 33

Happy Meal 

Nutrition: 10

Eating Speed: 50

Chicken Mayo Burger

Nutrition: 5

Eating Speed: 33

Chocolate Milkshake

Nutrition: 5

Eating Speed: 33

McDonalds Monopoly Game Piece

The McDonalds Monopoly Game Piece Is used as currency for the McDonald’s Villager which can get you all the items in the addon.

McDonalds Wallpaper Block

This is a decretive block that can be obtained by the McDonalds villager.

Fries Block

This is quite the tasty block adding unique chips into your build. Recipe can be seen below

Monopoly Hat

The Monopoly Hat can be found in the overworld and will wonder around your world. The hat can be killed to drop a Monopoly Game Piece. The hat is also peaceful and won’t attack you. The hat is also breed able.

Health: 20

(Baby Monopoly hat compare to parent)

McDonalds Villager

The McDonald Villager can be found in villages and can spawn with 3 different ranks of trade: the good rank, the better rank and the best rank. The villager will want McDonald monopoly game pieces for different food items and blocks.

Health: 20

The good rank all trades

The Better Rank Trades

The Best Rank Trades

Extra Images

(spawn eggs)



added more in game pictures. Added mobs to the add-on. Removed chicken nugget sword. Added blocks to the add-on.


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