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Bedrock MCMoney Economy (Compatible with other Addons)

MCMoney Economy (Compatible with other Addons)


MCMoney is an economy addon with player shops, banks, ATMs, merchants, and more. It was made to work in both survival and multiplayer with ways to earn and spend money in both.

Everything you need to know about the addon is in the video below:


One way of earning money is the depositor. You can sell items that you find in it. Here are all of the things you can sell in it as well as how much money you get from selling them (price on top and item/amount on bottom):

Items can be bought with money from merchants that spawn around the world

Gilded zombies spawn rarely and drop coins when killed

All new items/blocks:

Gildum ore can be found below y=-10 and can be turned into coins in a coin forge?nbsp;

Player shops allow players to buy and sell items with each other (a full explanation of how to set them, up is in the video at the top of the page)

You can put money in and take money out of your bank with an ATM, this money gains interest over time

creator: https://www.youtube.com/spyderrock                


Turn on all experimental settings to be safe


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