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ME-System Addon

Did you ever looked for a working ME-System in Minecraft Bedrock? – Me too. But I never found one with all available items and fully automatable, so I tried to create my own one.Finally I got it to work and so this Addon adds a fully working ME-System to your world!

  • General Information
    First, what means ME-System?
    A ME-System – or Matter-Energy-System – is a special automatic storage system for items.
    The aim is, to have a central storage and multiple interfaces. All items in the system are stored in the storage and all interfaces can access the storage to in- and output the items everywhere in your world.
    In the best case the whole system is fully automatable, if you use little redstone techniques.

    The basic idea for this addon is from a german YouTube creator who tried to create a ME-System for Vanilla Minecraft Java (only with command blocks, no mods).
    Link to his video:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/_prKptlVcQU&t=0s

    General Information for Addon
    The following most important things are also mentioned in an instruction book, which will be given to every players who joins a world the first time.

    The storage and all interfaces will be loaded over the whole world (also if you/they are in other dimensions), that means you can transfer items regardless of the distance/dimensions between the storage and the interfaces.
    But unfortunately interfaces placed in the nether or end won’t work after you leave the dimension. This is because the entity related to the interface despawns.
    I absolutely don’t know why this happens, actually it shouldn’t do this (maybe it’s a Minecraft bug).

    recipes for crafting table (first: storage, second: interface):

Then you can right-click the items to place them.
In creative you can of course use the item as well, but the functions me_storage and me_interface are also possible.


  • Storage
    Here you find all important functions for the correct work of the addon. Some command blocks are necessary (these functions can’t be realized with functions).
    Here all items are stored. Also there is a little chest-storage for items which couldn’t sorted in.
    And additionally there is a “computer”, which shows you some information about the items in the storage.

    You can place only ONE STORAGE at the same time in your world.
    If you want to move or delete it, you have to use the remove_me_storage function.
    This will delete the current storage and you can place a new one.
    But be careful – your whole items are stored in an storage-entity, which is also killed! That means, all items get lost!


  • Interfaces
    If you spawn an interface, there will be a connection-entity. You have to drop the item you want for the output at the entity (one item is enough).
    Then the entity connects with the storage and places the interface-block, which is just a “modified” smoker.

    The reason why I chose a smoker, is, that it has three types of slots (for this addon only two are necessary) and items can be filled in and taken out by a hopper.
    – The top slot can only be filled by a hopper on top of the smoker (and items can only be taken out by hand)
    – The bottom slot can only be filled by a hopper next to the smoker (and items can only be taken out by hand), but actually this slot isn’t necessary for this addon.
    – The right slot can’t be filled in any way (except with commands), only items can be taken out by hand or a hopper.
    Except the smoker only the furnace and the blast furnace have these properties. And custom blocks/entities can’t have the different slot-types as well.
    The top slot is for the storage-input (every item is possible in every interface) and the right slot for the storage-output (only one item per interface is possible) – And as I mentioned before, you can fill and empty the slots either by hand or with hoppers.
    IMPORTANT: Don’t remove the item from the bottom slot in the interface!
    Because you can use hoppers to take items in and out, it’s possible to fully automate the whole system.

    It’s possible to place AS MANY INTERFACES AS YOU WANT!
    You just have to keep two things in mind:
    – The Addon checks up to 20 interfaces per second for the item output. So if you have more than that in your world, it needs more time to check all of them and so the
      item output will be slower. A nice side effect is, that the world won’t lag.
    – The input with an interface works a bit different: Every 30 seconds all interfaces are tested after another if they have items to input. So the more interfaces there are, 
      the longer it takes to check them.
    To delete an interfaces just simply destroy the block.


  • Other Information
    The system can handle nearly all items in the game, nevertheless some items aren’t possible.

    items, the system will recognize as other items:
    – banner with custom patterns (Illager Banner as well)
    – enchanted items (tools, armor)
    – filled shulker box

    items, the system won’t recognize:
    – filled maps
    – signed and enchanted books
    – only-creative items (for example command block, barrier, end portal frame)
    – rockets with explosions (if they have only a flight duration they can be sorted in)

    The addon is compatible with all other addons.


If you find any bugs, please leave a comment below (better here, than under my video)!

My video:


You can modify and share this addon or use my original version for other creations, but don`t use it as a form of business (you are allowed to make videos) and please give me credits by placing a link to me.


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creator: MCPE_Map_Maker


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