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Bedrock Mecha Craft (V.0.01)

Mecha Craft (V.0.01)


This is a totally different add-on from anything you’ve ever seen, the add-on’s premise is to make farms and machines but without using many blocks but items (chips)! The add-on has over 9 tokens, each with its own utility, but you’ll find that out as you play! 

The purpose of the add-on is to make farms and machines to improve your survival without much difficulty. 

(ATTENTION!, TO CREATE ALL THE CHIPS YOU WILL HAVE TO PLACE THE “Computer With Codes” in the “Stone Cutter”). 



-EVOLUTION CHIP: this chip is used to evolve the equipment material (example = wood > gold > iron).

-SIEVE CHIP: this chip is used to, when using dirt, gravel or sand, in a certain order it can transform into an iron nugget, gold, copper or diamond.

-VARIANT CHIP: this chip is used to “variate” the blocks (example: oak wood > acacia wood). 

-ORE CHIP: this chip is for, by adding a cobblestone with some raw ore you get the ore, doing this you can duplicate the ore you want! 

-FOOD CHIP: this chip is used with the iron cup to create canned foods that give some effect (among them there is a canned food from the end, which is infinite).

-BONE MEALER CHIP: This chip, together with the Fertilizer Block, can create seeds of all kinds!

-REUSER CHIP: By using this chip, you can turn rotten meat into leather, and by advancing it, you can turn golden apple into enchanted golden apple! 

-INDESTRUCTIVE CHIP: with this chip you can make your blocks indestructible! 

-CLEAR CHIP: this chip serves to make glass better! 




-Rhodium Ore= Rhodium ore is the bluest, it is rare to find and it is functional to make the “Chip Duplicator” and some other items.

-Bronze Ore= Bronze ore is not that rare, but it is very useful for crafting various items. 



-Micro Generator:

 This is the first item to create when starting the add-on, it will be used to create the chips. 

-Chip Base:

 this item is a part to create an “Empty Chip”.

-Copper Conductor and Green Cabble:

The “Green Cable” is very important to create the “Empty Chip”, but to create it you will need to create the “Copper Conductor”. 

-Bronze Cube and Conducted Bronze Cubes:

The “Bronze Cube” is important to make the “Conducted Bronze Cubes” which is one of the most important items in the Add-on.

-Empty Chip: 

this is the most important item in the add-on, this item will be used to create all the chips seen above! 

-Keyboard, Screen, Base of the Computer: 

These items will be very necessary to create the Computer without Codes! 

-Computer and Computer With Codes:

The “Computer” is important to create the “Computer With Codes” that serves to create the Chips, just place the “Computer With Codes” in the “Stone Cutter” and choose the type of chip you want. 

-Chip Duplicator:

 As the name says, this machine in the form of a mob duplicates the chips, to spawn hold on the screen and then click on the ground with the item.





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