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Con este complemento tendrás un menú Interactivo para todos los usuarios de tu Mundo/Servidor/Reino, todos los usuarios tendrán su menú personal y sin problemas al momento de usarlo, Este complemento es para Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 


To use the addon and that you can modify it correctly you must follow the following steps 👇🏼

-To start the addon you must import it to the world and then place the following command 👇🏼

/function MG/Star

And so you can use the Addon .

-To use the Addon you must do the following. 

You will start with an egg, this egg will have all the players and it is infinite.

To activate and/or change the option in the menu, you must drop the egg and to activate the selected option you must throw the egg. 

-To modify the commands of the menu options you can see this tutorial  👇🏼

-Go to the coordinates “1 1 1” and there will be the command blocks to modify the options command. 

-To add more options you must go to the addon files and enter the Functions and MG folder and you will find these files. 

-First you will enter the “ResetMen” files 

-The only thing we are going to modify here will be the number after “{menu=6}”, The addon comes with 4 options by default, so that file will say 5, so for each new option added you must increase it one more number , for example, if you have 5 options, the number you must place there is 6.

-Once that is done, we save the file and go to the other file, which is the “Titleraw” file. 

-Estos son los Titleraws que hacen que aparezca el texto del menú, luego debes copiar desde donde dice “Title” y termina en “}]}” luego pegarlo al final y agregar un número más donde dice “{menu=1 }” y van a poner el texto de la opción después del “n” y antes del “===” y solo queda copiar esa nueva opción al otro Titleraw. 

creator: https://www.youtube.com/c/MenGamer09


Added language change. 

For you to choose the your language place. 

/function MG/Star/Spa


/function MG/Star/Eng


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