Mermaid Craft Addon

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid in Minecraft? This addon by me (Bluishhail) and Redred Aesthetic makes it possible! It adds 11 beautiful mermaid crowns (and one cool shark fin) to your game. When you put on the crown, it may not seem like much at first, but take a dive into the sea to discover your new mermaid tail and underwater abilities like night vision and water breathing!


Pictured above are six of the twelve fish tails!

The crowns and fin can be crafted with a simple recipe of iron nuggets, a scute, and various dyes. They can also be found in the hat section of your creative inventory, or be obtained with the /function command.

Pictured here is a mermaid crown when the player is out of water!

Pictured here is the transformation when the player get in the water!

The tail moves beautifully in the water!

For a full demo, see the review by Redred Aesthetic on YT!

We hope you enjoy this addon like we loved making it!!!


In-game pictures have been added to the description for reference.


Be sure to toggle experimental features as well as install both the resource and behavior pack! So far, there have not been issues across recent versions, but testing has been limited so please feel free to let me know about any issues! 

Review by Redred Aesthetic:



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