M’Golem (V1)

Well Its quiet Easy to explain.This addon adds (13) New Golems into MC!These are quiet simple Golems but some have special ability’s and the better the Golem the Bigger :PSo welp Hope you enjoy! 🙂   Btw Turn on All experimental Gameplay Features  On   


First How to make the Golems?

Its Quiet Simple.
You need a New Pumpkin which can be made like that:

Then make the Same Structure like by Iron Golems and then you have your Golems 🙂

All Golems there are for now:



Copper Golem (HP: 28. Attack damage: 10 – 17)

He isn’t that strong To be fair so I wouldn’t recommend making this one!


Next is 
Golden Golem (HP:50  Attack damage: 4 – 10)
This one is really weak but This Golem doesn’t attack Piglins

(I am planning on making this one Spawn also by Piglins)


Next is the Emerald Golem (HP:230    Attack damage:30 – 50)
This Golem is really Huge and Strong

Other then that there isn’t anything special about it


Now is the Lapis Golem (HP:60  Attack Damage:2 – 10)

This one is really Weak but quiet fast.


Next up is the Redstone Golem (HP: 30  Attack Damage: 3-10)

This one doesn’t seem that strong but its the fastest
It also has a Charge attack which can one hit you+other mobs


Now the Diamond Golem (HP:200    Attack damage:20 – 35)

This one is just better then the Iron golem.


Now the dirt Golem (HP:10-13    Attack damage:1 – 10)

This one is weak but kinda Fast.


Now the Strongest of them the Netherite Golem (HP:250   Attack damage:30-47)

This one is really Big and does  alot of damage.

its Also Lava resistance


Next the Endstone golem (HP:56   Attack Damage:10 – 17)

This one can Teleport and is a little faster

Other then that its quiet simple


Next the Netherrack one (HP:28   Attack damage:10 – 17)

This one has makes a fire Path and has 2 versions

this is randomized.


Obsidian Golem is the Biggest of them (HP:200   Attack Damage:30 – 47)


This one is also is Fire resistance so I more would make this Golem then the Netherite one


Next is the Most Dangerous one the Tnt GOLEM (HP: 20    Attack damage: Explode)


This one when near a threat will Explode itself to kill a lot of things


Now thats all!
All Golems need the same Structure and also drop their thing their made out of




Just download 🙂


Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Feature Other then that ENJOY!

creator: Laiffoo


By aadhu

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