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Bedrock mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture

When the search for modern furniture begins, the go-to name for those looking for simplicity, quality and affordability is Bedrock Mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture.

Bedrock Mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture brings the best in modern design with a selection of furniture for both the inside and outside of the home. From classic to contemporary, all of the furniture pieces are crafted with quality materials, perfect for long lasting use. Every piece is designed to bring out the best in your home while fitting in perfectly with today’s modern styles.

One of the top selections from Bedrock Mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture is their range of outdoor furniture. Each piece is carefully crafted using only the highest grade materials. Their outdoor furniture is perfect for those who want to add a bit of style and sophistication to a patio or deck space. A unique choice of colors and shapes makes it easy to find something that works for any style, space and budget.

Each piece of furniture at Bedrock Mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture is made with the same attention to detail and high quality materials. From chairs and sofas to beds and dressers, there is something for everyone. Every piece is designed to be the perfect combination of comfort and style.

When it comes to modern furniture, Bedrock Mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture is the easy choice. They offer a wide selection of furniture for the inside and outside of the home and each piece is designed for durability, quality and affordability. With Bedrock Mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture, it has never been easier to create the perfect modern space.

mikkeeeyyyy’s Simple Modern Furniture


Decorate your world or each part of your modern house with these sets of simple modern furniture! From living rooms, bedrooms, dining room, bathroom, and more! With additional architectural blocks for your perfect future house!  


  • Different decorations/designs for your modern house/mansion.
  • Laptops, Large TV, Refrigerator, Oven, Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Lights, Cabinets and more!
  • Each items/furniture are categorize on where it can be place in your house (e.g. Living Room, Bedroom, more!)
  • 40+ custom blocks for decorations
  • 30+ custom entities as furniture
  • Just apply this to your world and play! NO NEED FOR EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE~


  • If you guys want an experimental version of this addon, please let me know,  
  • For the meantime, I will continue to develop this addon without the use of experimental features (I hate experimenting with features that might not be implemented in the based game or might brake your world in the future!)
  • You are NOT allowed to copy/paste any of the codes/assets in this addon without my permission. 
  • You are NOT allowed to republish this addon as your own to any websites/application.
  • You are allowed to use this addon to your own personal use (e.g. learning how the addon works, use to your own world, share with friends)



  • Click “mikkeeeyyyys_simple_modern_furnitures.mcaddon”
  • On Win10, Minecraft will automatically export the addon, wait for it to finish and apply to your own world
  • On Mobile, click “Open with” and click “Minecraft”. It will automatically export the addon in-game, you can then apply it to your own world afterwards.

creator: https://twitter.com/mikkeeeyyyy29


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