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Bedrock Military Armor Addon

Military Armor Addon

Have you ever dreamed of being a soldier in Minecraft? So this addon is for you.

This add-on adds a lot of new military armor to Minecraft. 

There is a total of 49 new armors, including helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots.


This add-on adds a lot of new armor to Minecraft each one with a different 3D model 

There is a lot of variety:

24 Helmets, Each one with a different flag:

Also, there is 2 more especial helmets of higher rank:

17 Chestplates, divided into different ranks:

4 Leggings, with different rank each one:

2 Boots:

Actually the only way to get it is in creative mode.

You can combine it to create excellent Swits, what are you looking for? Download now!

There is a in-game picture of the full set armor:

To the property work of addon, activate the following experiments:

Next update soon 

creator: RedGML


Added a more detailed and specific description with images.

Also I changed the actions on linkvertise to only one.


Download the add-on an open it with Minecraft, don’t forget to activate EXPERIMENTS!



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