MineCars Addon [Vanilla-looking Cars!]

Ever looking for an addon that vanilla-styled vehicles to Minecraft? And all you find is some weird modern cars addon?No worries! Here at Random Kerbal’s Institute, we have the solution for you (probably not the best…but anyway)!


Introducing the:

“MineCars” Addon!  (not “minecarts”)

100% Survival-friendly!

I have spent over half a year working on this to ensure that: every little aspect (from visuals to functionalities) are contemplated, none of the “bugs” become “features”, have a code that is as optimised as possible, as well as to provide a pleasing experience for the users. Please appreciate 🙂


This good quality addon adds 5 new vehicles as well as 7 wagons for more customisation:


Default Minecar

Lantern Minecar

Spike-shovel Minecar

Chest Minecar

Drill Minecar

(& more in the future?)

They may look like minecarts, but they are fuel-powered and can move without rails!


General Information (applied to all minecars):

-can be fuelled/refuelled by crouching and interacting with a combustible item:

More condensed fuel sources (coal block/lava/kelp block) power the vehicle longer, while lighter fuel sources (coal item/blaze powder/wood) power the vehicle for a shorter time.

-can be repaired by iron ingots

-can be leashed (in case u ran out of fuel)

-can pull vanilla Minecarts

-tilt according to the terrain steepness!

-special breaking animation!



Default MineCar (name: Reliant)

-father of all minecars



Lantern MineCar (name: Lumine)

-has custom-made dynamic lighting!

-lantern can be turned on and off (by crouching while interacting)

-best for scouting missions!




Spike-shovel MineCar (name: Rammer)

-has a spikey shovel for damaging mobs (2.5 heart per tick)

-mobs can stuck onto the shovel when you’re dashing at your victim at high speed (and take constant damage)!

-mobs will leave a bloodstain which can be washed off by driving into water or rain

-best for protecting your base!


You will need to craft a spikey shovel first:

Then combine it with a minecar:

*It is not wise to ram creepers!*



Chest MineCar (name: Chestnut)

(texture of chest has been changed, the one shown in picture is outdated)

-has, well, a CHEST!

-has the inventory of a chest

-inventory cannot be sieved by hoppers

-better than donkeys!




Drill MineCar (name: Groundbreaker)

-has a large drill for mining

-harder blocks (stone, blackstone) are mined SLOWER than softer blocks (dirt, gravel)

-cannot break extremely hard blocks (obsidian, bedrock, diamond ore)

-can damage mobs when drill activated (3 heart per tick)

-has a cooldown for 5 seconds after mining hard blocks for about 12 seconds (the feature I spend most time working on)

A screenshot of cooldown in-game

-best for mining expeditions!


You will need to craft a drill head first:

Then combine it with a minecar:




The recipe of the Minecart is also changed to be more logical. Now you need to first craft a set of wheels:

Then, put the materials as follow:



-MineCar Wagons-

If you want more functionalities for your minecar, feel free to add some wagons!

To attach the wagons, use their respective items (aka couplers) to interact with the MineCar.

They can be used separately when disconnected from the MineCar, but CANNOT be reattached back.

Here are the wagons currently in this addon:


Passenger Wagon (coupler)

-carry 1 player/mob



Chest Wagon (coupler)

-has inventory



Double Chest Wagon (coupler)

-has MOAR inventory



Hopper Wagon (coupler)

-has a hopper



TNT Wagon (coupler)

-has a TNT

-explodes due to fall damage, nearby explosions, or fire



Flatbed Wagon (coupler)

-carry up to 2 entities when deployed

-can be deployed/retracted



Railplacer Wagon?

coming soon



Wagon Teleportation Feature!

-the wagons will teleport to their parent MineCar if they are too far away (about 14-15 blocks)

-since it uses an “ID” system, it is recommended not to have too many caravans in one world

An example caravan that you could make:


To install this addon,

You do NOT need to turn on any experiments

Minimum game version 1.16

Supports English & Chinese languages


u know how to do it, don’t u?

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeNkExncYdOqmOaQvhxoaUQ

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