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Bedrock Minecraft Acrobatic Player Animations Addon

Minecraft Acrobatic Player Animations Addon

Hi I’m DolphinMasterMB, I’m the creator of the Dolphin Trainer Addon! I made this Player Acrobatics addon, that adds multiple different dynamic acrobatic animations to the Minecraft player! It works in a way where you can just toggle it on and off easily and it’s intuitive to use! It’s inspired by my Dolphins making such acrobatic jumps! Now the player can enjoy those acrobatics too! I really like to practice my programming skills in Minecraft! So I started to experiment with some Minecraft code, then this nice little addon came alive! I will expend this addon by adding more cool animations and their intuitive systems in the future! If you have some cool ideas for possible acrobatic animations, then you may comment a suggestion!


Simple Instructions:


Install the Addon,


Add it to your Minecraft world,


When in your Minecraft world,


Get this items: Cod, Salmon and Tropical Fish,


Look straight up to enable Acrobatic properties and straight down to disable them,


When enabled: Select one of the items: Cod=Backflip, Salmon=Frontflip, Tropical Fish=Sideflip,


Then Crouch Jump or Sprint Jump to trigger the Animation!


The animations are dynamic, those can be used in multiple ways!


Make sure to use Third Person view, to enjoy this amazing animations in Singleplayer!

This addon should be Multiplayer proof!


Enjoy the show!




Check out my Youtube channel for Cool videos about my addons and to stay updated:




If you have any nice suggestions for my addons, Please comment!


Cheers! ; )




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