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Bedrock Minecraft, But Bees Gives OP Loot

Minecraft, But Bees Gives OP Loot

In This Add-on If you Kill Bee Then They will Drop OP Items And With this Item you can Beat The Game And kill The Dragon Addon made by Sharky Bite

If You Are Going To Review My Addon So Please Give Credit in Your Video’s Description 

Find Bees In Flower Valley And Plain Biome :-

Loots dropped By Bee :-

Bee Generate A Clone Every 60s :-

Full Netherite Armor In Just 2 Min :-

Defeat The Dragon :-


List of Items

  1. Netherite Armor
  2. Diamond block
  3. Emerald blocks
  4. Enchanted apple
  5. Golden Apple
  6. Diamond Armor
  7. Diamond Tools 

creator: https://twitter.com/Sharkybite89              


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