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Bedrock Minecraft but BETTER (Add-on)

Minecraft but BETTER (Add-on)


Can Minecraft get boring at some point? That is a question we should all ask ourselves. Some will answer yes, and others will answer no. Depends highly on what you use your time for inside this huge game. What I can tell you for sure is that this add-on will make your game BETTER. How? Depends on how you wanna see it. I think it’s better hilarious. NOTE: This add-on is a remaster of an old sound pack I made. If you have that sound pack installed, don’t worry, you can still download this one and nothing will happen.

What is this add-on?

This add-on changes/modifies in-game features to make it hilarious. Changes include:

  • Modifications of the in-game messages, such as the death messages, skin change messages, join and leave messages.
  • Modifications of some in-game sounds, such as the death sounds… and others.
  • Changes in-game music (cool music).
  • Changes the splashes.
  • Changes the loading messages.
  • Adds some chat animations.
  • Changes the death screen (this one my fav).
  • Announces when a new player joins!
  • For some reason I decided to add a death counter, but hey, it works!



Join message (above)

Leave message (above)

Death by a /kill (above)

Death by another player (above)

Shot by another player (above)

Skin change message (above)


This game changes the death sounds, yes I mentioned that… but did I mention that this add-on features over 75 death sounds? And what’s better is that NEW sounds will be coming regularly!


You should find the other death sounds by yourself 🙂

The new feature

I present to you, this game’s newest feature. A feature that will change everything in Minecraft…


“The Taunt” is an item that allows you to taunt when using it. Basically, it plays a randomized meme sound, with over 120 different sounds, this makes it the best feature in the add-on. This “randomized meme sound” can be heard from about a hundred blocks away, which means you’ll be able to hear your friends taunt from far away. You can probably play hide and seek with this item! (Name tags are hidden!)


There are two ways to get it.

  1. By crafting it.
  2. By killing a pufferfish.

Crafting recipe:


Enjoy playing with your friends and messing around 🙂


  • Finally fixed all .mcaddon issues.
  • Sounds were revamped.
  • More sounds were added (+40).
  • Fixed sounds overall (volume, files, etc.).

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