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Bedrock Minecraft, But Every Minute There’s a Random Chaos

Minecraft, But Every Minute There’s a Random Chaos

Reckon soul gaming presents you another addon, “Minecraft, But There’s a Random Chaos Every Minutes”. Every 1 minutes there’s random chaos happen. You don’t know what happens in Next minutes. Your Goal is survive 100 days or Kill the Ender Dragon.


So what will you can expect from this addon, well every minutes you are going to struggle for survive. There’s a random and hilarious chaos comes every minutes of the game. You will be in Sticky Situation or you get attack by Zombie Hordes, or Lightning can be strike, There’s some funny things like Steve Slime, Slender man, Dangerous is Terminator that can broke all the blocks. This addon will be more fun than any regular game of Minecraft because of its unpredictability.   There are two types of this addon. 

One have 30 secs. this is best for 1 or 2 players for short time.

Second is 1 Minute’s suitable for 4 or max player.

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See the Video for more….


– Do NOT share this file on other websites.

– All rights belongs to us.

– Give credits to us if you are making a video and give link only.

— We are now going to claim all videos and websites which do not give credits to us and not giving link. 

Please send us the link if you are using this addon on YouTube video. We would really appreciate that.


Download the addon and save in your device. 

Open the addon its Automatically import the addon. 

Create a New game or use your old world (Backup your Old world First)

Now start Play….


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