Minecraft But Every Mob Drop Random Item Addon

Reckon soul gaming presents you another addon for Minecraft,  “Minecraft, But Every Mob Drop Random Item Addon”. Every mob will drop something very different from what they used to drop before this, they will drop random item every time.


So what will you get from the mobs with this addon, well that’s a mystery you can get anything literally anything, be it Netherite ingot or a diamond sword or wheat it could be anything. We makes two variant of this addon. One addon drops only 1 item and other drops 3 random items. This addon will be more fun than any regular game of Minecraft because of its unpredictability.  So choose any of them. Both addons changes the game for you.

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– Do NOT share this file on other websites.

– All rights belongs to the owner and developers.

– Give credits to owner if making a video. 


Just download the .mcaddon file from the link and open with Minecraft PE or Bedrock

Create a New World or choose you World (Be sure to backup your old world)

Add Resource pack first and then add Behavior pack and start the game

Enjoy !



By aadhu

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