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Bedrock Minecraft But Everytime You Move The World Disappears

Minecraft But Everytime You Move The World Disappears

Hello, here cristopher again now I bring you a mod where every time you move the world disappears, this add-on is a challenge created to see who can pass minecraft in this way I hope you get to enjoy it ^^


How it works ? 

The add-on is simple, the only thing that will happen when you move is that the floor where you were before will disappear so you will have to be very careful when you want to go from one place to another because you could die at any time

One of your greatest advantages will be walking the diagonal, so you will avoid falling


When going diagonally it is easier to stay in a suspended block

On the other hand, when you go straight, you will most likely fall


If you are in the water you should not worry too much since in the water holes will not be created unless you touch a block and move

You can even swim calmly

That’s all?

The truth is that yes, it is a fairly small add-on made to try some things but it was fun to do and if someone enjoys it I would be very happy if they told me ^^ well that’s all

creator: https://twitter.com/cristop67349787


1.0 Just improving the submission to make a detailed submission


Just pass the shortener, download it and click it installs itself ^^


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