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Bedrock Minecraft, But Goats Drop OP Items…

Minecraft, But Goats Drop OP Items…

Hello guys Do you all also consider the goat that came in this 1.18 to be useless? then it will not happen now because in this addon if you all kill the goat then it will drop op items so enjoy this addon i hope you like this addon thanks for read!


Goats Drop 5 Items 

You Can Find Goats on Mountain Biome

Full Netherite In Few Seconds

Challenge : Defeat Ender Dragon

Activate cheats

creator: https://twitter.com/Sharkybite89

List of items :-

  1. Netherite Armor and ingot 
  2. Diamond block and diamond
  3. Diamond Armor
  4. End frame
  5. Eye of ender
  6. Ender Pearls
  7. Golden Apple
  8. Enchanted apple
  9. Netherite tools
  10. Diamond tools


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