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Bedrock Minecraft! But If You Take Damage Everyone Gets Launched

Minecraft! But If You Take Damage Everyone Gets Launched


Hey guys, here’s a new challenge addon for you and your friends. This addon makes it so that every time you take damage in Minecraft, everyone except you gets launched 100 blocks. This is a fun and challenging addon and is meant for multiplayer worlds. Also keep in mind that if others take damage you also gets launched 100 blocks.

Basically, every time you take damage, all the other players in the world gets launched in the air. The result is that they may die due to fall damage.

To avoid dying, players can water bucket clutch or land in the water to save themselves. Also you can hide under a tree so that even if you are launched you will stay under the tree and not take the damage.

Also keep in mind not to give damage to the players as this will launch you in the air. You and your friend can help each other by placing water below whenever anyone gets launched.



Compatibility of the Addon

Single Player World (LAN): 


Many friends play Minecraft on LAN as they can’t afford a full fletched server. So this addon will support Single-player worlds or LAN worlds both in windows 10 and the mobile version.

Realms and Servers :

This addon is totally compatible with realms and servers. Make sure to update the game to the latest version. I recommend the latest stable release but the minimum requirement is 1.18 and above.

Note : 

For this addon to work, you have to turn on the experimental settings of the world.

If you found any bugs please report it by filling the form below :


That’s it guys, if you like this addon, do not forget to rate it and comment below and also definitely share this with your friend. Thank you.!                    


  • First click on the download link and follow the steps and download the addon.
  • Now double click on it, now the game will automatically import the addon.
  • Now go to your world settings, the behavior packs, then select this addon and press activate.
  • Now enter the world and enjoy.

creator: TwistyLime


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