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Bedrock Minecraft But, Mobs Variant

Minecraft But, Mobs Variant

Here comes an interesting addon of Minecraft inspired by loki variants. In this addon every mob is a variant, they looks very different from the real game and even more powerful, it is going to add a different flavour in the whole Minecraft game. 


Try to explore every variant but be careful these variant are different they are faster, stronger and more intelligent from the normal mobs cause they are a variant of themselves. This addon will give your gaming experience a different flavour as it changes perspective to a different way, skeleton are not mere skeleton they are Egyptian Skeleton, golem has now become hulk, Ghast is now more spooky, Ender man now look like Slender man, Creeper is now venom and bigger in size etc. This addon is multiplayer supported so you can enjoy with your friends. 

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– Do NOT share this file on other websites.

– All rights belongs to the owner and developers.

– Give credits to owner if making a video. 


Just download the Resource pack and Behavior pack .mcaddon file from the link and open with Minecraft PE or Bedrock

Create a New World or choose you World (Be sure to backup your old world)

Add Resource pack first and then add Behavior pack and start the game

Enjoy !

creator: https://twitter.com/ReckonsoulG


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