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Bedrock Minecraft, But Speed Increases!!

Minecraft, But Speed Increases!!

Minecraft, But Speed Increases!! This addon when applied to your Minecraft world will make it so when you move around you start moving faster! Good luck beating Minecraft now! 😉


What does this addon do?

This addon when applied in your Minecraft world will kill hostile mobs and replace them by spawning a Wither!

This may not sound as much but with the hectic amount of hostile mobs naturally spawning in your world your experience using this addon may get a bit laggy! XD

*Low end devices are recommended to use low render distance for this addon to work smoothly in your world


Showcase / Play Through Video:



One thing you would need to know about this addon.

To reset your speed type “/function reset”


How to use

You just need to simply activate the behavior pack like shown in the image below

*cheats are needed for this addon to work


Important Info!

If you are planning to upload a video on this addon please credit me by linking my YouTube video or the link!

(Please dont steal my addons)

If you find any bugs on my packs please report them to my discord server!




Reuploaded the file verification

Thats all that’s changed to this page!



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