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Bedrock Minecraft, But The Item Drops Increases Everytime

Minecraft, But The Item Drops Increases Everytime

This is a “Minecraft, But” addon, which is where you have to beat the game (i.e kill the ender dragon) but with an added twist/challenge. Here the challenge is that the amount of items dropped by an entity, or a block increases every time you kill a mob, or break a block.


How does it work?
1. The first block, entity you kill will drop the normal number of items.
2. And every time you break a block or kill a mob, the drops increase by 1.
3. The goal is to beat Minecraft before your game crashes.

You Are Not Allowed to:

  • Distribute the addon using your link
  • Claim this addon as your own
  • Edit/Modify any of the addon files

You Are Allowed to:

  • Record  a video only if you provide credits and but this page for Download
  • Use this on a server, but only if proper credits are given.
  • Have Fun!

For Better Understanding/Showcase Video:



Added the verification pack (previously the file location was changed before it could be uploaded)



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