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Bedrock Minecraft, But with Guns

Minecraft, But with Guns


Introducing, Minecraft but with guns. An add-on that uses Minecraft tools as guns, like stone hoe as a rifle, and wooden hoe as a pistol (will be added in the next update). The guns uses your XP as an ammo. Sneak/shift to shoot

So here’s the lists of the guns 

Stone hoe as a Rifle 

Damage – 6 

Range – 8.1 

Wooden hoe as a Pistol (will be added in the next update) 

Damage – 4 

Range – 8.1 

How to use the guns? 

The guns uses your xp as an ammo. If your xp is 0, then the gun won’t work. Sneak/Shift to shoot. 

No need to activate experimental gameplay! 


GamePlay footage: 

creator: GarellLuke3132



-Download the add-on 

-activate it on your existing world or create a world 



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