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Bedrock Minecraft, But You Can Trade Mob Hearts (Beta 1.0)

Minecraft, But You Can Trade Mob Hearts (Beta 1.0)


So guys today I have brought a mod in which you can trade with Mobs Hearts, many types of mobs come inside it like Cows, Sheep, Chicken and Zombies. If You Are Going To Review My Addon So Please Give Credit @Sharky_bite On YouTube 

So in this mod you have to kill mobs like Cow, Sheep, Horse etc and collect their Hearts and you can trade these Hearts with Heart Trader and they give Op Items in return.

Mobs List :-

  1. Cows
  2. Sheep
  3. Horse
  4. Chicken
  5. Zombie
  6. Drowned
  7. Spider


You Can Trade Heart apple With Heart Trader :-

You Can find Heart Trader in Plains,Taiga,Hills :-

 Note : Don’t Re-Upload This Add-on and Don’t Copy My Thumbnail 


Tap To Download

creator: https://twitter.com/Sharkybite89


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