Minecraft, But You Can’t Touch Grass!

Trust me you’ll die , if you touch the grass, and you definitely die if you die, and custom death messages, Resource pack is not mandatory but you need to activate it for more experience Etc..!PS:- You’ll never spawn on grass, You’ll know what is meaning of that is if you read the full article!


and this addon is a recreation/inspiration of java mods and CAMMAM18, others


So first what is meant by “You’ll never spawn on grass


Simply due to your seed or you spawn you may spawn in a large field of Grass, You need to reset seed and making world again and again, etc…, To reduce this process you’ll never spawn on grass if your spawn is on Grass then Don’t worry you will spawn on stone and NOTE:- You’ll only spawn on Stone, You don’t respawn on the stone every time, Not gonna lie it’s hard!



This is a Simple addon made by Rushi Kumar 

as shown in the below two images!

  1. Normal Spawn in the random seed!

2. On a Superflat world, there is no chance spawning stone in a superflat world 

now you may also ask “Ok fine!, then what is the Custom death message?

You need to activate the Resource pack to make this work, it simply makes “Player Died” to “Player Touched Grass!”

Must Activate Resource pack

this is the use of the resource pack 

it is not mandatory but using it will be very very nice.  


again as shown in the image!


This will happen if you touch grass and there is a 1-10% of chance of spawning on the stone! So Don’t die!

Sorry to say but it will kill you if you’re riding a boat or in a carpet and minecart

It will kill if you ride on a boat on the grass on survival!!! , So Don’t use it!

It is also effective when you’re above a carpet! 

It won’t affect you when you’re are standing above a slab!

and It won’t affect you when you’re are standing riding a horse or pig!

and this only works for a grass block like you see the majority on your world!

this won’t work for:-

  • Dirt
  • tall grass
  • seagrass
  • grass
  • flowers
  • leaves


It also won’t work if you see, held that block in inventory

it only kills if you step on/under that block

it affects if it is underwater but grass blocks usually won’t be in underwater 




All About This Addon/mod

  1. In this addon, you cannot touch grass if you touch you’ll die!
  2. You’ll never spawn on the grass by some home if you spawned on grass (Only on starting world the first time or on adding this addon !)
  3. This is compatible with all versions above 1.14 supports RTX, beta versions, experimental versions, on any map,
  4. It will get updates soon
  5. and for more stupid addons join the discord
  6. Discord:- (DISCORD)
  7. This uses functions!
  8. if you face any bugs let me know them
  9. It will NOT create any kind of lag in both servers and your worlds
  10. Works on the grass on all biomes!
  11. Experimental is NOT Nesesoory if you want to use any mods you can use them
  12. Mod By RushiKumar, RushiKumar#5699
  13. Now This documentation is finished


and I am making more like this addon like you can’t touch the sand, you can’t touch water, I thought to make this as one pack and keep subpacks I tried and it is a fail 🙁


Please let me know if any bugs!


If any suggestions leave a comment or Dm me on Discord:- DISCORD

any Server Designers please Dm me on Discord:- RushiKumar#5699

No Servers Nukers 🙁

Compatible versions:- 1.14.X , 1.16.X, 1.17.X 


I think it is the max I can say about this addon if my English is bad forgive/ignore it bcoz I am bad in English xD

Check my other addons too!

Thanks for reading this article

  • No Suspicious links 
  • added some more details to the description
  • can join the discord for more friends, fun, help, report, etc…


You need to go to the behavior packs section and activate this and the same for the resource pack 

you’ll not face any problems with this pack on enabling any other packs!

if you face any in resource pack then disable only resource pack

creator: https://www.youtube.com/3osvpes


By aadhu

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