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Minecraft Chucky Addon

Happy Halloween I bring you an addon of chucky the diabolical doll with new behaviors, textures and custom sounds !!!You can summon this little diabolical doll in your world of Minecraft and just like in the movies, in the day it will be a cute and tender doll but at night, it will want to kill everything that moves!


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Please read everything well to understand Chucky’s behavior


Chucky does not spawn naturally, it must be invoked with the following function: / function chucky (invoke it only on the day !!!)
By putting that function in the chat a chucky and a couple of cookies will be invoked so that it can be tamed and be your friend FOR THE DAY

 Cute Chucky 

Chucky can also be tamed with:
bread, carrot, chicken, fish, melon, potato and salmon
Health: 100
when tamed he always rides on the blocks like a cat (just like in the movie)
follows you and you can make him take a seat

ONLY on the day chucky will be your friend, he will follow you, he will not attack anyone and he will always say that he will be your friend forever, for nothing in the world let your chucky doll touch the dark


at dusk or when chucky goes to a dark place this will transform into the diabolical doll of the movies 

This will have a more terrifying skin and in his hand he will always have a knife with blood

Something innovative about this addon is that it is exactly the same as the movie, chucky when seeing the player will attack him but has certain possibilities of catching himself on the back of the player and starting to stab him

chucky attacks everything that moves
Health: 300
state: Boss 
difficulty: 10/10 
how to get chucky off your back?
to get rid of this diabolical doll from your back you will have to jump into a deep lake or ask a friend to help you remove it, it is very difficult to kill this mob when it begins to mount on the player’s back

watch the full trailer so you can see the features of the addon, don’t forget to like me!

Official Trailer:



Chucky’s behavior was updated, before there was a bug when transforming from night to day, this was fixed and now it is correctly fine, chucky’s texture was improved by adding more details to both the model and the texture


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