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Bedrock Minecraft Manhunt: But the Speedrunner Changes Every Minute

Minecraft Manhunt: But the Speedrunner Changes Every Minute

Disclaimer: This idea has already been done by a Youtuber named Socksfor2, so credit for the idea goes to him. All I did was recreate it so that Bedrock Players could have a go at it.Welcome to my Speedrunner Changes Mod, this Mod changes how Minecraft Manhunt works by adding a twist, that of the Speedrunner changes every minute. This mod can be played with at least 2 players, and up to 30(though more does mean some lag)  


Sub to my YT, I make videos about my Mods before I release them. You can also join me in my vids, just message me on Xbox. My username is CommandBoost.


This mod is a bunch of functions that allow this to work, you’ll only need to use 2 of them.

Begin: Run this function to begin the mod, make sure that all players are in the game before you run this, if you accidentally do run it before all players are in, you can run the End Function to stop the mod. The Selected Speedrunner will receive the message, RUN!. The Speedrunner will also be shown on the action bar. The Sidebar shows how much time is left before the Swap Happens. All Hunters will receive a Compass for use.

End: Very Simple, just ends the mod, you can run Begin again if you want another go!

Don’t Run Swap or Timer, they activate on their own.



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