Minecraft QoL(Quality Of Life)


Minecraft QoL is an addon developed by Beyond64 to change Minecraft’s textures, making the game easier to play without drastically altering gameplay. This addon only has a resource pack and only changes the texture. This is the first beta of the addon so it doesn’t have many features. If you want to improve anything about the game, you can tell them in the comments, and I will try to make them in the addon. Thank you for playing…

*This addon is highly inspired by the Java resource pack Vanilla Tweaks


1. Imroved Birch Tree:

  • Improves The Birch Tree By Changing Its Leaves Color.

Click here for more info about the change👇👇👇


Birch trees are widely considered the worst tree in the game. Although I cannot change the tree itself, I can certainly modify the leaves, which is exactly what this one does.

2. Outlined Ore:

  • Adds Outline To All Ores And Suspicious Sand And Gravel To Make Them Better To See.

When exploring a cave, it can be difficult to spot all the ore due to their similar texture to the stone. This one addresses this issue by adding an outline to all the ores, ensuring that you will never miss them again.

3. Clean UI:

  • Removes The Line In Inventory UI to Make It Feel Clean



This addon removes the lines in the player’s inventory, making it look cleaner.

4. Better Logs:

  • Adds A Round Effect To The Logs

Logs now have a rounded texture instead of a boring square one.

5. Better Spawn Egg:

  • Adds Better Spawn Egg That Visulaze The Entity [Not All Are Completed]

I made changes to the spawn eggs of mobs to better align with the type of mob they spawn.

6. No Pebbles In Dirt:

  • Removes pebbles From Dirt To Make It Look Smoother

I removed pebbles from the dirt to make it smoother.

7. Better Hunger Meter:

  • Changes The Hunger Icon From Meat [That Isn’t In The Game] To Apples [That Is In The game]

The meat in the Hunger Bar is nowhere to be seen in the game, so it doesn’t fit well. I changed the meat to an apple to better fit with the game and the hearts.

8. Splash Xp Bottle:

  • Changed The Normal Xp Bottle To A Splash Xp Bottle

The Xp bottle breaks as I can see so it should be a splash bottle as that breaks but a normal bottle doesn’t so I changed it.

9. Custom Colorful Mining Animation:

  • Adds a new and color-changing mining animation

It’s a new animation that’s it ..

10. Golden Helmet:


This golden helmet idea was inspired by vanilla tweaks Java mod. But before you come running at me, no this is not the vanilla tweaks one. I made the textures all on my own.

11. Better Stem:


Pumpkin and Mellon’s stems are completely different in-game but they look just the same so I changed them to look different according to their  different crops

12. Better Powdred snow:


powdered snow and regular snow may look similar, but they can be deadly if you mistake one for the other. By altering the texture of powdered snow, we can prevent this problem from occurring again.

13. Circular Sun And Moons:


The sun and moon aren’t square. Isn’t that obvious?

14. Colored Enchanted table Particle


The same old white particle is boring. I changed it be a colorful partcle.

16. Clear Water:


I made water mostly don’t have to look in the darkness and also not see the water at all


1. In the case of link sharing. You should give the link.

2. You Should Not Upload this map on any other website without my permission. 

3. In the case of content creation you should give the link in the description.

Thanks For Downloading The Pack💖💖💖


This was a different submission before, by mistake that was made addon except of a texture pack. Itis fixed here

Update Log Betav0.3:

  • Golden Crown
  • Different Stem
  • Different Powder Snow
  • Circular Sun And Moon
  • Colorful Enchanting Table Particle
  • Clear Water


Installation Guide:

  1. Download The Addon
  2. Dubble Tap The Map On a PC or Open The Addon With Minecraft On a Mobile
  3. Play The New World Called “Circle Survival”
  4. Enjoy.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/Beyond64



By aadhu

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