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bedrock Minecraft REALISTIC Cave Sounds! (Beta)

Minecraft REALISTIC Cave Sounds! (Beta)

This addon makes Minecraft Caves a lot more immersive for the player by adding reverb to sounds, which makes the sound feel like they are echoing inside of a cave!


Watch this short video for an example of how caves sound with this addon!!


Keep in mind, this addon is in BETA, so not every block/mob/item has new sounds. The best way to currently experience this addon is by going down below y=0 and running around in a cave made up of deepslate. I do plan on continuing this project and adding more sounds for it, it is just a large project to replace all of the games sounds.

Also, try out playing Pigstep down in a cave, it might have also gotten a tweak 🙂



Once downloaded, open this file in your Minecraft game, and then make sure to turn on the resource pack on any world you want to use it in!


IMPORTANT: This replaces the sounds of entities and blocks in game, including when they are outside of caves. For full effect, turn the resource pack off when you aren’t in a cave, and turn it on when you are inside of one.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5F8jtd23_VuRdPGA-Af-bg


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