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Bedrock Minecraft Sandoraken – The Last Shadow Addon – EL SANDO

Minecraft Sandoraken – The Last Shadow Addon – EL SANDO

Monster originally created by EL SANDO, a sea and land monster that will attack everything that moves, a new boss, more powerful than all minecraft mobs together! careful where you sail sailor…  

Copyright reserved © EL SANDO


This is my first “character” (it’s actually a monster) created entirely by me, one of many to come


It is a very territorial aquatic and terrestrial monster that will attack everything that moves.

this creature has many attack modes, in addition to bringing personalized animations and great sounds that set this titan that I have created very well

TEASERS TRAILERS (these are new addons compatible with the Sandoraken addon)

sandoraken will look for the sea and the land, he has a fresh behavior where he will look for the best place to be calm, he will always look for a place where there are no mobs and if there are, he will eat them immediately

Heatlh: 1000
attack: 22
shot: Dragon fireball ( EnderDragon)
melee and ranged attack
Scale: 5.0 ( big)

Much more information about the addon in the attached video – REVIEW.

remember that this addon is only authorized in my YouTube channel I only download by these means!






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