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Bedrock Minecraft Star Wars Addon – Darth Maul – EL SANDO

Minecraft Star Wars Addon – Darth Maul – EL SANDO

Addon inspired by the iconic villain of the star wars sagaDarth Maul, a new boss who will come to your minecraft world with new animations, sounds and special attacks that he will use to acquire his revenge


Darth Maul
Sidius’s apprentice, murderer by nature, skillful and strong, anger and power will always make him more powerful

this character has too many custom animations!!!

It also has sounds, abilities and behavior very faithful to the original Star Wars character.
scream animation

about the maul scream this will do an area damage where it will remove 5 hearts of damage to any mob that is around

darth maul has two attack animations, one where he will attack with his melee lightsaber and one where he will throw his lightsaber towards his target

Darth Maul being calm with no targets nearby will crouch and has a small chance to recover health.

Health: 800
Damage: 15
scale: 1
attack: everything that moves

the trident has been changed by darth maul’s lightsaber, it is the same behavior of the trident only that it has a different model and texture

The iconic suns of the star wars series were also added




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