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Minecraft The Lurker Addon

Hi again, It’s me JPG YT, also known as Jeremiah. I’m back with another addon for you all, so I hope you all will enjoy The Lurker Addon! This addon is my very first unique addon, and I’m really excited for you all to try it. This addon is also inspired by the Warden, so some of the features are pretty similar. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel which is called JPG YT. So other than that, let’s go ahead and move on to more of the key features of this addon.


This addon is still in early development, so you can expect new stuff to come on the way, eventually. I even plan on renaming the addon to something different whenever I start adding more creatures into the addon. So for now, I hope you enjoy the addon and don’t forget to give feedback on what I could improve on.


What is the Lurker?

The Lurker is a blind mob, so it can only sense sounds and movement. He is also a bunny-like alien creature, with a torn black suit and pants. He has a top hat, and two antennas on his head, and leather boots. Also, with a jaw that can completely drop all the way down to the floor.


What can the Lurker do?

The lurker is probably my most filled-feature mob and has many different abilities. First of all, The Lurker, you already know, is blind and can only sense movements and hear sounds. But there is more than just that, he can also run at you if you stand still, he can also crawl at you if you start moving, but it’s way faster than him running. The Lurker can also climb on top of blocks, so don’t think you’re safe all because you got the high-ground Anakin. Finally, my favorite ability out of them all, The Lurker can leap at you if you get a certain distance away from him, which I think has to be the coolest thing I think I’ve added into any of my addons! There will be more abilities hopefully in the future, but so far not right now.


The Lurker:

Health: 730

Damage: 12



Does The Lurker have a morph?

Actually, yes, it does. This is my first addon to introduce an actual morph into it. This has to be one of my favorite parts when creating the addon, well more like updating it. However, there are still some glitches here and there with the morph, but I’m trying my best to fix everything as much as I can. There are also some textures missing, and some animations that are broken, but other than that I think the addon is good, and these issues shouldn’t be entirely noticeable.


How do you use the Lurker morph?

In order to use the morph in the addon, you have to do a function command, so just do /function become_lurker in order to become the Lurker in your world!

How do you get the item abilities?

It’s actually quite similar to the way of becoming the Lurker, this one is a bit different though. So all you have to do is /function items to get all of the items when you are the Lurker.

Is there anything else about The Lurker morph?

Actually yes, one last thing you should know is that there are two abilities that aren’t items, and just happen naturally. First of all, The Lurker will not be obtainable in Peaceful mode, and if already have it on, on any other difficulty it will stay on you. However, if you turn it to Peaceful it will kick you out, and it will be unobtainable. Finally, the last ability that there is, is only one person can use The Lurker morph, so if you have a friend, and you’re The Lurker, your friend will be kicked out of being The Lurker.


That’s everything, for now, there will eventually be more updates for you all to beta test, but for now, enjoy.

Select version for changelog:


-Changed the download method for my addon, just so it’s a lot better!

-Added more download options on my website for the addon!

-Fixed a few visual bugs with the lurker addon!

-Changed the attack animations for The Lurker and the morph for third and first-person!



You are prohibited from the following options:

  1. You are not allowed to use this addon in a video and not give some form of credit!
  2. You are not allowed to repost this addon on any website, yeah that’s right, I’m talking to you specifically other addon websites who think it is fine,
  3. You are not allowed to take any assets from the game in any form unless you take the code, I will allow that, with permission of course.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDczMGFjzGrPUYUG7eVXWLg


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