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Bedrock Minecraft Tornado Addon V1

Minecraft Tornado Addon V1


Have you ever wanted Tornadoes inside of Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Well, now you can! Hi, I’m Jeremiah and I introduce to you the Minecraft Tornado Addon. This add-on has been my dream project. However, back then I didn’t know how to do everything I can now. This addon has really been a learning curve and has taught me a lot about what I can do as a creator. So I hope you all enjoy this add-on, especially all you die-hard Minecraft weather fans.

This addon is nowhere near completion. It still has a pretty long way to go before it’s done. So more than likely, there are going to be bugs and errors that you do happen to come across. So if you spot any, be sure to report it to me by messaging me on discord.


My discord username is Jeremiah#6183


Also, this is only the first version of the add-on, and there are tons of features missing. But there are still a few features to go over.

F1 (Tornado)


-Travels 0.3 blocks every 0.1 seconds

-Picks up blocks from the ground

-Creates a dirt path on the ground

-destroys whatever is in front of it

-can pick up players, and multiple other entities


F1 (Water Spout)


-Can’t pick up blocks or mobs

-Travels a bit slower than the F1 Tornado

-Can’t damage anything


Tornado Spawner


-Spawns in a tornado, where the item was last used



Tornado Siren


-Can cause sirens to Blair, if a tornado is approximately 100 blocks away from the siren


Once again, this add-on is still under development and is not finished completely just yet. So there are still some bugs that you may experience when playing the add-on.



My YT Channel:




-Funtime Lefty: Texturerer

-SonicTheHedgeHogAndMore: playtester

-Alex: Texturerer, and playtester

-Sylas: Playtester

-IceCarno: Playtester


Can Tornadoes Naturally spawn?

Yes, although the Tornado itself doesn’t spawn, a storm will spawn. Then, it will eventually over time turn into a Tornado.


What happens if the Add-On breaks?

So usually the only thing that can break at least due to my understanding, is the Tornado picking the player up. So to fix this, if you aren’t being picked up. Is by doing /function reset which will reset the players’ tags. Hopefully, fixing this issue.



If you are on a mobile device. I recommend the lowest settings for when you play this add-on. If you don’t do this, the following could happen:

-Very bad input delay

-functions no longer working

-severe lag issues

-Random Freezing


You are prohibited from reposting this addon!


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