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Minekea Furniture


Welcome to dreampixel’s minekea addon! this addon adds in 70+ vanilla themed furniture, its perfect for decorating homes, buildings and more. All the furniture featured in this mod, is in the form of blocks, so you don’t have to worry about any lag.



🪑Minekea Furniture🪑

A vanilla themed furniture addon


💥Multiple types💥

Minekea comes with multiple different types of furniture, ranging from chairs and tables to tents! most of the furniture featured in this addon also comes in a variety of different colors to

🏠Working chairs🏠

Working chairs, just simply click a chair and you can sit on it.


💡Ideas you can use the furniture for💡


⚙️How to get the furniture⚙️

Find them in the creative inventory

All the furniture can be found in the creative inventory, in the “items” section. 


Alternatively, you can also get them by doing “/give @s minekea:”


Enable the “Holiday Creator Features” experimental toggle!


If your in Minecraft version 1.18.10 and above, you will need a Geometry fixer pack, for this addon to work! if you dont have one, this addon may not work properly.



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How to download with linkvertise

if you choose to go with the linkvertise link, it will take you to linkvertise, from here you need to scroll down a little and click “Free access with ads”, after that click discover interesting articles and wait 5 seconds to close out of the window, after that you will see a green check mark click on where it says continue to website where you will then have access to mediafire, once you are in mediafire click the blue button on the right to get your file.

How to download

Simply click the downloads, wait about a couple minutes and it should be done!


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