Miner’s Dream Plus [1.17 Update]

This is an addon that adds some new consumable tech/spell things inspired by ‘Orespawn’ and its miner’s dream addon. Note: none of the items in this addon use textures from the orespawn mod, nor do they function exactly the same.



Everything you need to know is in the video below


Miner’s Dream

Deletes all dirt, stones, lava, and water in an area to reveal the ores


Nether Dream

Like the miner’s dream but for nether blocks

Strip Miner

Mines a 4-way strip mine around the player

Gravel Deleter

Deletes all nearby gravel

Guardian’s Nightmare

Deletes all nearby water

Strider’s Nightmare

Deletes all nearby Lava

Farmer’s Dream

Grows all nearby crops

Fighter’s Dream

Kills all nearby mobs (does not kill players, bosses, cats, dogs, or armor stands)

Builder’s Dream

Levels the ground for building

All of these can be found in the ‘items’ tab in the inventory in both creative and survival.





I have updated the miner’s dream to now destroy 1.17 blocks and it also places torches to light up your area!



By aadhu

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