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Bedrock Mini Asian Addon

Mini Asian Addon

Mini Minecraft addon with accessories inspired by Asian concepts like food, tools and blocks. These plugins try to facilitate some functions of Minecraft such as the extraction of gunpowder and obtaining more nutritious food.


This mini addon has items, blocks and tools that give you new features in the game like food and blocks that help you get items like gunpowder

The objects included in this addon are:

  • Green Tea
  • Rice balls
  • Katana
  • Steel bar
  • sulfur ore
  • reinforced glass
  • tree with pink leaves (tabebuia rosea)

Sulfur ore:

Sulfur ore can help you get gunpowder more easily, this mineral can be obtained around the world in caves and mountains

Rice balls:

Rice balls is a meal that craftea easily and eats as if it were a soup


This sword that is crafted with netherite is much more resistant than the others with an acceptable damage

reinforced glass:

 glass is quite resistant and you can use it to decorate or protect something safely (its texture is not defined)

steel bar:

 the steel bar you can craft new items and blocks of this same addon

It is crafted by melting an iron ingot.

tabebuia rosea:

trees that are generated in the world, they are useless but they are decorative

Green Tea:

When you drink this drink, it will give you a little resistance as well as being easy to craft.

all the crafts and brief descriptions come here you can see them to use them in the game I hope you like the addon


the download link was updated to a working one (linkvertise)

creator: vico124



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