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Bedrock MiniWaifus Add-on | v1

MiniWaifus Add-on | v1

¡Enjoy the complement for Minecraft that add new entities for your worlds! It consist about “mini guardian waifus” that protect you from the mobs and they carry a chest that will serve you like a walking backpack, accompanying you in your adventures in your worlds. For use this complement, you must activate “experimental options” , It is not allowed to post this plugin on other websites or applications of Minecraft Add-on without the permission of the creator. This in order to continue developing higher quality addons and variety for the extensive Minecraft community 😀 If you are going to review this Add-on for YouTube, please give credits, put the link and not put direct download link, not create your own link for download or you will receive a complaint. 



All waifus can be crafted using the crafting table and be tame; to be able to count on your favorite waifu, they are available in creative mode also , they are nine different waifus who can sit down, attack hostile mobs, heal with food, save items in their inventories and accompany you in your travels .


There are need the next ítems for craft the spawn of mini waifu; seven gold ingots, one diamond and a flower 

The recipe will be available in the Minecraft cookbook so you can choose the mini waifu who you want

How to tame? To tame you need a red flower (rose), you will need 1-6 roses, depending your luck.

How to sit down or open her inventory?: The interaction for sit is similarly to that of a dog, but to can open his chest (backpack) she needs to sit down and you interact with her and with that simple steps she activate the inventory mode, to return to the function of sit down is the same process.

Waifus: The waifus added are: Nezuko Kamado, Yuno Gasai, Mikasa Ackerman, Ochako Uraraka, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley, Hinata Hyūga, Violet Evergarden and Rikka Takanashi.



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