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Bedrock MiraSorcery


We survive, we create, and continue to pursue the mystery of the new world with your original original intention on this land!

Now logs can only be chopped with axe!

NOTE: You are browsing a fast iterative Add-Ons interface!


First test opening time:  [GMT+8] May 10, 2022

First test end time:  tentative


Also blue sky, white clouds and grass…

We survive…we create…

Go back in time… go back to your original passion…

Please take a closer look at the world you live in… The familiar world will become unfamiliar again…

Important changes:

Now you won’t be able to get logs directly by chopping down trees with your hands!

Now logs can only be chopped with axe!

New item:

1. Timber

Products processed from logs with scraper in a Crafting Table.

You can still make wooden tools from the crafting table using timber and stick.



2. Scraper

Products processed from timber and stick in Crafting Table

New structure:

1. Fallen tree trunk

You can find corresponding tree trunks in various forests, they are usually a circle smaller than fallen tree stumps, and you can collect them directly with your hands!

2. Sapling


You can find the corresponding saplings in various forests, and you can collect them directly with your hands!


Author:  Mira

Publish assist: NPTS–HermitIsla


1. The content of this test is the version under development, and the test content does not represent the final quality of Add-Ons!

2. When you enable this Add-Ons, please make sure you have turned on the following options: Holiday Creator Features, Creation of Custom Biomes, Additional Modding Capabilities.

3. Please make sure that your current Minecraft version is 1.16.201 and above, if you are using Minecraft version 1.18 and above, please enable [MS]MiraSorcery front

4. When enabling this Add-Ons, please make sure that this Add-Ons is at the top of the resource pack [highest priority]

5. When enabling this Add-Ons, please make sure that you do not use it in your important maps. If the map is damaged, please be responsible for yourself!

Copyright Notice



1.Fixed some bugs that generated errors in certain biomes.

2.Image optimization


Download the zip and click on it to start the installation process then enable experimental gameplay in you world settings. 



creator: HermitIsla


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