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Bedrock Missile And TNT Addon

Missile And TNT Addon

This Addon adds 5 missiles.

Normal missile,TNT Missile ,Nuclear Missile ,Ender Missile and Flat Missile

Especially , Nuclear Missile is stronger than any other PE addon

These missiles are craftable by crafting table



1.Normal TNT and Missile



2.TNTx5 and Missile

3.TNTx20 and Missile

4.TNTx100 and Missile

5.TNTx500 and Missile

It’s CRAZY!!

6.Nuclear TNT and Missile

This Missile may crash your PC. Use it at high spec PC or Phone

This Missile is the most dangerous  of PE Addon

7.Nether TNT and Missile

Nether in the overworld

8.Animal TNT and missile 
 Spawns ALL MOBs

9.Flat TNT and missile 

this missile deletes all of blocks


10.Lightning TNT and missile 

spawn lightning bolt on all mob


11.Ender TNT and missile 

this missile raises 20x20x20 blocks

12.Multiply TNT and missile 

spawn 9 tnts 

13.Freeze TNT and missile 

ICE 20x20x20 blocks

14.Fire TNT and missile 

In the Forest, It becomes HELL

15.Ocean TNT and missile 

It is FLOOD!

16.TNT Firework and missile 


17.Infinity TNT and missile 


18.Lava TNT and missile 


19.Sandfirework TNT and missile 


20.Ghost TNT and missile 

This TNT Teleports to nearist mob. This missile is invisible.

21.Snow TNT and missile 

How to Ignite TNT

1.Put TNT

2.Use flint and steel



How to Launch Missile


1.Craft Missile


2.Craft Target and Launcher

3.Put Missile target

4. Use (Eat) “Missile Launcher”


5.Wait For 25 seconds



Turn on experimental Game Mode



Add 20 TNTs

Add New Mssile 

Add NEW TNT recipe

Turn on experimental Game Mode

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4vAKrLx_UawFcx9X7iwYjw


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