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Bedrock MLG Water Bucket Jump Challenges

MLG Water Bucket Jump Challenges

Do you ever heard of MLG water bucket jump challenges in Minecraft. If yes, We introducing a new addon that make Water Bucket Jump Challenge more adventurous. Every 30 Seconds you are teleported to Random Bucket Jump Challenges. 


If you think you are the pro in water bucket challenges, try this its not easy for you. You are teleported to random height every time with water bucket or slime where you have to jump from the top to ground safely. If you hit the ground, you get damage or Even you die. There are lots of Bucket Jump challenges and some traps in this addon. So be careful. You can also play with your friends. 

Our Website: Click Here


– Do NOT share this file on other websites.

– All rights belongs to the owner and developers.

– Give credits to owner if making a video. 


Bug fixed

Multiplayer bug fixed

Added new more height and platforms


Just download Behavior pack .mcaddon file from the link and open with Minecraft PE or Bedrock

Create a New World or choose you World (Be sure to backup your old world)

Add Resource pack first and then add Behavior pack and start the game

Enjoy !

creator: https://twitter.com/ReckonsoulG


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