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Bedrock Mo’ Path Blocks (Beta Version!)

Mo’ Path Blocks (Beta Version!)

This add-on adds more decorative blocks to spice up your outdoor builds! From leaf piles and pebbles to dirt paths, level up your builds with all the new blocks from this add-on!


[This Pack is in Beta!]


Tired of the normal Minecraft Path blocks? So was I!


Using Minecraft 1.16.100’s new block components and permutations, I created Mo’ Path Blocks!

So far I have only created 6 custom blocks, but already it can make your outdoor scenes look so much better.


Path Blocks:

Dirt path on Grass

  • Has narrow, turn, straight, and end variants
  • All variants are rotatable
  • All variants change color to the match the biome color when right-clicked as seen below


Other Decorative Blocks:


  • Rotatable
  • Entities don’t collide with the hitbox



Leaf Pile

  • Only Oak leaves for now
  • 1 pixel tall and a full block wide



Expermimental Toggles

  • Toggles are found in the “Create New World” screen under the “game” tab
  • Holiday Creator Features, Upcoming Creator Features, and Molang Features must all be turned on for the pack to work
  • Wild Update, Spectator Mode, and Vanilla Experiments are optional, but are not required
  • As always, please make a backup of your world if you are turning these toggles on a existing world 



Known Issues

  • Sometimes the path blocks will appear transparent, but it unusually returns to normal in a few seconds
  • Oak Leave Pile doesn’t have biome dependant coloring

-Please report any bugs you find and suggest any ideas! 


Planned Features

  • More Path block variants
  • More Leaf Pile variants
  • Leaf Pile Biome colors



  1. You may NOT create your own Mediafire link, Please always share a link to this page instead
  2. You may not use any of my code without direct permission for me
  3. Please credit me if you use my pack
  4. Please ask before using this mod in any public modpack (I will most likely always say yes, but still ask!)
  5. This Add-on doesn’t use player.json so it will work with mostly any other pack
  6. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/


1. Double click Mo’ Path Blocks.mcaddon file or right-click and select open

2. Minecraft will launch and the Resource and Behavior pack will be imported automatically!

creator: xXIndigoDuskyXx


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