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Bedrock Mob Animation Update v1 Resource Pack

Mob Animation Update v1 Resource Pack

Are you tired of seeing the mobs in Minecraft so stiff and their animation so bland? Well in this mod I made the Animation of the mobs in Minecraft a more dynamic feel to it giving more characteristic. With this mod you can experience a new way of appreciation on the mobs by seeing them in their new found animations.


The Mod Resource Pack updated the following Mobs Animations:








I just change their animations in a more dynamic way, I didn’t change their geometry in making the updates in the animation. I used the Minecraft Dungeons way of animating as an inspiration to start animating the mobs. 


Note: If there are some bugs in the animations be sure that the Resource Pack is on top of everything for it might have conflicts with other packs.

creator: https://www.facebook.com/TheDirtiestRat


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