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Mob Powers

Ever wanted cool super powers in minecraft, well this addon is for you! we have mob themed powers and others like the wizard, beserker, fire god and more. Simily run “/funciton setup” to start and enjoy the addon.


We bring you mob powers, an all new addon feature mob themed super powers and non mob themed super powers. You can either take the powers of a mob a bit like the origins mod or take on the role of some one like the beserker of fire soul eater. To start simply apply the behaviour pack and create a world with cheats enabled then run the command “/function setup”(don’t include the “”). If you want to get a power simply click on the npc and select your power or run the command /tag @s add yourpowerhere


some of the powers can only be obtained using the tag command and not via the npc

After running the setup function you will be greeted be the power choosing room.

Here is me with the phantom power, pretty cool right?

and here is me as the beserker after killing many monsters!

The soul eater surrounded by eternal darkness….


Download link domain changed to up-to-down for safety scanned with virustotal.com




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