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Bedrock Mob Vote 2022 Add-On Concept

Mob Vote 2022 Add-On Concept

Another year, another Minecraft Live. When comes to Minecraft Live, there is a Mob Vote and only there can be one winner. For 2022, We were given Sniffer, Rascal, and Tuff Golem! However since it ended with already a winner, Sniffer, I decided to make an Add-On Concept on how they would look like and how they behave.




This ancient creature was once part of the Overworld’s ecosystem, now you can bring back the sniffer if you can find its egg! Hatch new mobs, breed them, and figure out how to make the sniffer thrive once more. There are seeds out there that only the sniffer can find!

Breeding will give a Sniffer Egg, stackable and will hatch into a baby Sniffer. Interact with it to drop Sniffer Egg. Hatching will take time so I recommend to use Event command (/event entity @e[type=mobvotejs7:sniffer_egg] hatching)




A mischievous mob that loves to play Hide & Seek! The rascal lurks in underground mines, waiting to be found. If you spot the same rascal three times, it will reward you with a prize so keep your eyes open!

It won’t play again after being spotted 3 times 


Tuff Golem

A statue with a twist – it comes alive! When the tuff golem awakens, it will walk around, pick up, and hold any item it comes across. Don’t worry, it will return to the same spot that you’ve placed it when it turns back into a statue. It may be a work of art, but you’re the designer.

Sneak and hit the copper golem if displaying an item to sleep! 

creator: https://twitter.com/jujustep_julien  


Version 1:

3 mobs!

 Sniffer, Rascal, and Tuff Golem from Minecraft Live 2022


To Download through Linkvertise, Click or press Free Access with Ads, wait for 5 seconds, and then the Free Access will take you to the Add-On


No requirements are needed for this Add-On


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