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Bedrock MobAbilities 2 (Alpha)

MobAbilities 2 (Alpha)

The newest and best improved version of MobAbilities! It will get all its mobs slowly but surely, once it has all the mobs from MobAbilities 1, MobAbilities 2 Mob Contest will happen!Mod inspired by Origins Mod


Things to note:

You may:

  • Showcase this addon
  • Use this addon in realms, worlds, and servers
  • Repost this addon with credit

You may NOT:

  • Repost this addon without credit and permission
  • Claim that this addon is yours



  • Will not take damage in lava (+)
  • More resistant (+)
  • Immune to most bad effects but also good effects (=)
  • Water will hurt you (-)
  • /tag @s add blaze


  • Can teleport whenever you want (+)
  • You have speed, but when under a 2 block roof, you dont (=)
  • Water will hurt you (-)
  • /tag @s add enderman

Ender Dragon

  • You can boost into the air every 100 ticks (+)
  • You have an elytra, permanently (+)
  • You get hunger when you boost (-)
  • /tag @s add ender_dragon


  • You have strength permanently (+)
  • You have hunger permanently (-)
  • /tag @s add husk


  • You can switch between Phantomized and Normal mode (+)
  • While in Phantomized mode, you have speed and invisibility, but you also have hunger (-)
  • /tag @s add phantom


  • You are a very big cat, so when creepers see you, they instantly disappear (+)
  • You land on your feet (+)
  • /tag @s add cat


  • You can ink other players (+)
  • You can only breathe in water (-)
  • /tag @s add squid



How to choose a mob:

Do /tag @s add (mob)

How to unchoose a mob

Do /tag @s remove (mob)





  1. Click link
  2. Click the mediafire link
  3. Click blue box
  4. Download it to minecraft
  5. Done


creator: https://twitter.com/canlas_dos



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