MobileSuit Gundam UC Addon DLC Perfectibility (Ga series)


LIGHTHEIM ELECT CREATES, the community that created this add-on and the Mobile Suit Gundam Addon series (Ga series), will celebrate its first anniversary in March 2023. This addon is an addon made to commemorate the first anniversary of such LIGHTHEIM ELECT CREATES. By using this add-on, you can add and control the enhanced Unicorn Gundam and Unicorn Gundam 01 Perfectibility to the world. And you can introduce all Mobile Suit Gundam Addon series released by March 2023. Please read the terms of use before using this add-on.

Mobile Suit  

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Unit 1 Perfectibility(Unicorn Mode)

Another world-line Unicorn Gundam proposed by Takuya Irei, who knew of the existence of Armed Armor. Also known as Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Plan B, all additional equipment is armed armor.


RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Unit 1 Perfectibility(Destroy Mode)


Unicorn Gundam that activates NT-D and transforms into Destroy Mode. In this aircraft, the color of the psycho frame exposed from the whole body is blue, unlike usual, and the color of the blade antenna (horn) is also blue. The limiter is lifted and the enemy is overwhelmed with amazing performance. This addon greatly increases attack power.



Beam Saber

The beam saber can be equipped by using it on the Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) when not on board.

Command Items

Normal Attack

When used while riding a mobile suit, you can perform normal attacks such as punches and kicks with the mobile suit.

Attack Beam Saber

If you board a Unicorn Gundam equipped with a beam saber and use it, you can attack with the beam saber.

Guard Mode

If you board a mobile suit and use it, you can take a defensive stance on the mobile suit.

NT-D Invocation & NT-D Invocation(Animation)

When attached to the Unicorn Gundam, it transforms into Destroy Mode. If you use it on the dismounted Unicorn Gundam, you can transform it during the play. NT-D Invocation (Animation) can transform during the play when used while on board.

Bullet Items

60mm vulcan ammunition

When used while boarding the Unicorn Gundam, you can use the Vulcan Cannon.

Attack Beam smart gun

Armed Armor BS (Beam Smart Gun) can be used when boarding Unicorn Gundam (Perfectibility).

Method of operation

Move with W, S, A, D. Jump with the space key. In the case of touch, move with the move button and jump with the jump button. If you look up while in the air, you can fly.

Equipped items are used while dismounting from the mobile suit.

Command items and bullet items are used while riding a mobile suit.

“another” possibility. ”もう一つの”可能性。


How to introduce it to the world along with the past Mobile Suit Gundam Addon series (Ga series)?

This add-on is available in the world together with past Ga series (MobileSuit Gundam Addon ver.6.0 (Beta) | Zeon+Remake Update, MobileSuit Gundam UC Addon (Ver.2.0 Banshee Update), MobileSuit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Addon ver.1.0). You can install and use it.

As shown in this image, this add-on “MobileSuit Gundam UC Addon DLC Perfectibility” should work if you set it at the top of the “ACTIVE” column of resource packs and behavior packs. Other Ga series add-ons do not have to follow the order in this image.



Before using this add-on, be sure to download and read the terms of use for this add-on. If someone violates our terms of service, we may stop distributing the add-on! Thank you for adhering to our Terms of Use!

To make the add-on work, set the following settings in the “experimental gameplay” of the world settings screen.

Please download the terms of use from the link provided with the add-on link.




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