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Bedrock Mobs Don't Burn

Mobs Don’t Burn

In this add-on, common mobs that usually burn in the sun no longer burn. This makes the game of Minecraft a little bit harder and more challenging. If Minecraft feels too easy, this is the pack for you!


After playing Minecraft for a while, I have realized that there are parts of the game that simply feel a little too easy. Someone suggested that I make a pack that keeps mobs from burning in the sun. This was a perfect solution to the “too easy” problem. 

In this pack, common mobs do not burn in the sun anymore. They still have the same spawning rules (spawn in the dark) but they will not die in the sun. This allows the game to become slightly more challenging, but you can still have peace in the day because the mobs will not spawn in the day.

These mobs also no longer avoid the sun. They walk around normally without seeking out water or shade. Below are some pictures:

Here are some drowns warming up in the morning sun.


Even phantoms enjoy being in sunlight:

Here is a baby zombie and a zombie villager out in a sunny morning stroll:

Here is a skeleton, not getting burned at all:

The mobs that will not burn in the sun are the following:

  • zombies
  • drowns
  • skeletons
  • zombie villagers
  • phantoms
  • strays

Enjoy the new challenge of a harder Minecraft!!!


  • Better description of mobs that do not burn
  • Strays added to this version.

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