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Bedrock Mod of Randomness V1.0

Mod of Randomness V1.0

An addon that has features so random but somehow are all linked together, there is over 2000 new features inside this one addon, prepare to never see minecraft the same again.


This addon adds so much content such as new swords, tools, magic items, guns, mobs, bosses, blocks and recipes and a lot have cool functionalities such as lightning, teleportation, extreme power boosts and manipulation of monsters near you. for example, the music disc player, it plays a random music disc to every player in your entire world or the staff of black hole manipulation and it sucks up mobs and does 800 damage to them before dropping them back down again. anyways enjoy these screenshots of some features.

New Weapons.

New blocks (Not including ores, dragon eggs and generators).

Magic Staffs.

New Materials.

Armor and Guns

Biomes, The Asteroid Residues, The Xeno Wasteland and The Supercomposted Trees

The end but BETTER

The Astral Lands (spawns at Y 200 and higher in The End dimension)

New Crafting tables with their own recipes

Draedon’s Dungeon

and over 300 different recipes for the new modded items and existing items and a large number of features are dropped by the new modded mobs and blocks. watch the trailer for more spoilers for the addon



Addon rules, 

If you want to make a video on this addon leave a link to this website as well as my YouTube channel, this took months to make and credit is at least what i ask in return.


to use this addon apply both the behavior and resources into your world and enable ALL EXPERIMENTAL SETTINGS EXECPT CAVES AND CLIFFS, caves and cliffs breaks the addons biomes.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLG31goWut8AKoG4wDqWEmg


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