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Bedrock Modern Fruits Store Furniture V1.0

Modern Fruits Store Furniture V1.0

Hello, do you want to open a food store, do you want to earn more money, do you want to make your store more beautiful and modern, well, you are in the right place. Welcome to Modern Fruits Store Furniture


Well of course you may want to open a fruit and vegetable shop and you may want to play with your friends and earn more money from them and become a big trader Well I have added fruit and vegetable boxes and shelves and a calculator and a chair and a table and food that you can eat or store in the boxes I will leave some pictures below and how to get And making and how to install there will be more updates


  • orange box
  • banana box
  • tomato box
  • watermelon box
  • potato box
  • cucumber box
  • carrot box
  • green apple box
  • red apple box

In order to open your own shop, you must put an iron ingot in the stone cutter

In order to get food, you must put the stick in the stone cutter

You can store food in boxes

You can sit on the chair

Some pictures

It is forbidden to put any link of your own, only the link to this page


You must activate the experimental options or it will not work

How to download

creator: Creative Ritas


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